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5 steps towards hosting great corporate events in Montreal

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5 steps towards hosting great corporate events in Montreal

Corporate events in Montreal are some of the best the country has to offer. But there’s a certain degree of planning that is required. So for this round, we’ll be going over the 5 key steps you should be going through to lead up to the big day.


  1. Goal Setting


Is it to get more customers? Is it to engage existing ones so as to encourage renewals? Is it to reward hard-working employees and incentivize it for coming quarters? Figure out what you want to get out of your party in terms of a reaction.


  1. Planning and Budgeting


Don’t wait until a week before. Get started 2-3 months in terms of getting things set up. Figure out the number of people you expect to have and build form there. As for budgeting, calculate what you’d need to have in order to finance a legitimate party. Use Excel and start calculating for things like catering, venue expenses, décor, rentals, entertainment, etc. As a best practice, budget about 10-15% more than what your calculations give you to make sure you have a buffer for unexpected expenses.

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  1. Build Your Guest List


Like anything else, figuring out whom your intended audience makes for easier decision-making and for a much more tailored experience that’ll knock the ball out of the park for attendees. Are you rewarding your best employees? Are you trying to build a relationship with new clients? What are they like? What would they enjoy? Figure out the answers to these questions and designing your corporate parties becomes automatically simpler.



  1. Send Out Personalized Invites


Everyone loves being invited to corporate parties in Montreal. But how you invite your guests is very important. If you’re mass-emailing people a generic invitation, it gives people a reason to decline. It doesn’t take much more time and effort to write out personalized messages and make the invitations more individualized. People will be a lot more enthusiastic about showing up if they feel like the event is made for them. It shows you want them specifically at the event.

  1. Track your RSVPs and Follow Up


Keep a tab on who is coming and who hasn’t confirmed yet. As the date draws near, you want to be confident in your turnout. Really tune into who your guests are and how much time has passed since your invitation. People get busy and either forget or lose the degree of commitment they initially held. Keep your guests engage by sending out a friendly reminder.

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Those are the 5 steps needed to throw great corporate events in Montreal. However, if you want to throw a perfect corporate party in Montreal, there is a 6th step – get in touch with us here at Time Supper Club.


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