How to spice up your corporate event in Montreal in four steps – by Time

May 17, 2016 admin

Looking to turn your next corporate event into a success that will wow your guests? Here are the 6 tips offered by the corporate events team from the Time.

  1. Plan you event to host a few extra: The last thing you want is to have an event which is over crowded. The venue you select should have the flexibility to appear filled without being crammed.  The key is to have a multi-functional room with movable pieces which can be reorganized quickly depending on the turnout.
  1. First impressions are key: select a location which has the potential to get your patrons excited upon hearing about the event. Getting an invitation to the closest hotel hall is practical, albeit one of my boring invites that will surely not go down memory lane.  Getting an invitation to one of the trendiest spots in the city will surely get your guests excited upon receiving their invite.  What most individuals forget is the fact during the day, restaurants and clubs are often available for rental.  These locations can be re-organized quickly to fit any style of event.  Moreover, they have electronic equipment readily available for any occasion; thus releasing you of organization duties and any embarrassment during the event.
  1. Wow them at the entrance: From the moment the door opens, your guests should feel important and valued. Bringing them to an upscale location that is synonymous with exclusivity allows one to feel important.  High ceilings, great food, large windows &leather furniture are all contributors to this factor.


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  1. #foodporn: Here’s the key to spice up any corporate event. Food!  The event itself can remain professionals but what people will be feasting on should be the center piece of impression.  When planning your next corporate event in Montreal, your venue’s chef should be the one to impress the guests.  4-5 bites per person for an evening should keep food rolling out of the kitchen.


These four simple steps are the basics to making any corporate event in Montreal a success. When thinking of your next event, feel free to ask one of our planner’s for advice on how to plan an event which will be the talk of the watercooler.