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The importance of throwing great corporate parties in Montreal

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The importance of throwing great corporate parties in Montreal

Corporate parties in Montreal are an extremely vital part of business – especially if you’re looking to impress your clients or promote great company culture. And yet despite this, management will typically settle for a 5 à 7 at the nearest bar from the office. And the result is a predictable and forgettable experience in the form of gin sodas and mozzarella sticks.


Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Take the opportunity to throw your employees and clients an amazing party and treat them, and yourself, to a wonderfully memorable night.


Here are a few ways to make sure your corporate parties in Montreal leave a lasting impression.


1) Color Branding


Branding is key to business. So why not apply it to your corporate parties? Brand your event as you would your company. You can use the tables, decor, and yes, even the food, to create a visually striking night for all who attend. A little color coordination goes a long way. Years from now, people will remember your party because of the extra mile you took. And if you’re looking for ideas, consult with the event planner to get an idea of all the possibilities that are available to achieve a great corporate party.


2) Social Lounge Areas


Great conversation and experiences with great people is the point of any event. Often, we think alcohol is sufficient in delivering on that front. But it’s not enough. TV personality and Bar Consultant Jon Taffer, best known as the host of the reality series Bar Rescue, is constantly berating bar owners for not emphasizing a good seating arrangement. It’s not enough to just have great cocktails. Get the fundamentals right by setting up inviting lounge areas that encourage socializing. Comfort guarantees people will have an easier time enjoying themselves.

For those holiday parties that your team will enjoy

For those holiday parties that your team will enjoy



3) Catering. Catering. Catering.


In case the heading didn’t tip you off, catering is an extremely important fundamental aspect of not only corporate parties, but all events. Don’t settle on carrot sticks and a ranch pool. Make people happy with delicious canapés and drinks, and the party will keep on going. At Time Supper Club, Top Chef Champion John Zoumis never fails to showcase his mastery of flavor. Creativity and deliciousness are consistently balanced in his delectable delivery. So let your guests have opportunity to be impressed at every bite by consulting with the one and only.

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These three concepts should help you steer away from mediocrity. Corporate parties should be setup with great care and artistry. Your staff will thank you tremendously and will most likely work with much greater enthusiasm going forward. And your clients will have no hesitance in doing business with a partner who knows how to treat them with great care and attention.


Want to get your corporate parties in Montreal set up the right way? Give us a call and we’ll discuss together.



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