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  • Lighting up our decor for a daytime corporate seminar tomorrowhellip
    2 weeks ago by timesupperclub Lighting up our decor for a daytime corporate seminar tomorrow afternoon. What do you think? Leave your comments below
  • Room transformations done right! Impress your guests!
    2 weeks ago by timesupperclub Room transformations done right! Impress your guests!
  • Sometimes we like to be reminiscent on the past! PartyTimehellip
    3 days ago by timesupperclub Sometimes, we like to be reminiscent on the past!  #PartyTime  The IT club from the 2000's turned into the go-to place for private events!  #TimeSupperclub 
  • We like to tone down the lights for a morehellip
    2 days ago by timesupperclub We like to tone down the lights for a more intimate ambiance.  #EventPlanners 
  • Views from the top  iconic amp timeless
    1 day ago by timesupperclub Views from the top - iconic & timeless.

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Directly from our team of event planners
That moment the groom's eyes met the bride!  #TimeWeddings!

Reception halls in Montreal are a common venue option for weddings to consider. Although, one might ask what exactly is the difference between a reception hall and a wedding hall. In effect, the location itself is often the same. But the terms are used interchangeably depending on how the event is meant to transpire. And so, we’ll explore the history and concept of a reception...

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Corporate events venue in Montreal

Yes. Believe it or not, your due diligence in corporate event planning can bring you back a return on the investment. And you should see corporate event planning as an investment – an investment on your business and your corporate culture. Many choose to see it as a maintenance expense for the sake of keeping their employees somewhat enticed in continuing their careers with the...

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Banquet halls in Montreal are their own event and have characteristics that differentiate it from a wedding or reception hall. Today, we’ll look at what defines a banquet hall and why you may want to consider the concept for your event. [caption id="attachment_3972" align="aligncenter" width="458"] Venue by #TimeSupperClub & dinner provided to you by @TimeCatering.[/caption] To begin with, a banquet is defined as an elaborate and formal...

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With wedding season beginning as the weather is warming up, we're estatic to work with each couple in creating their dream wedding.

Montreal is known for being one of the most romantic cities on the planet. This isn’t surprising given that its history is strongly rooted in France, a country popularized by its capital, Paris, which many regard as the official City of Love. Thus, much like Paris, Montreal lends itself to an air that draws people together effortlessly. And so, although weddings are quite paramount to...

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NYE2017 Montreal

Well, it’s that time of the year again, isn’t it? We’ve come a long way since the start of 2016. A lot has happened. We’ve lost our benevolent friend Harambe in sheer tragedy and we’ve made Donald Trump as President of the United States a sobering reality. Safe to say there’s clearly a lot to reflect on. But there’s only one reason to remember the...

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  Yeah. You read right. While we understand that it’s hard to be objective when talking about oneself, but we can safely assert that we’re throwing the Best New Years Eve Party in Montreal. And the reason for us having such overwhelming amounts of confidence is principally due to our experience in hosting so many successful ones in previous years, with each being better than the...

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