That time of the year again – NYE Montreal 2017

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Well, it’s that time of the year again, isn’t it? We’ve come a long way since the start of 2016. A lot has happened. We’ve lost our benevolent friend Harambe in sheer tragedy and we’ve made Donald Trump as President of the United States a sobering reality. Safe to say there’s clearly a lot to reflect on. But there’s only one reason to remember the past – and that’s to be prepared for the future. Here at Time, we’ve lived through some of the most memorable NYE parties in recent years. And so, to prepare you for the highly anticipated NYE Montreal 2017, we’re going to look at some of the characteristics that make for the Best New Years Eve Party in Montreal!


  • Black and Gold Aesthetic


We’ve done a number of color schemes throughout the years, but nothing is as fitting as the black and gold aesthetic. Think about what those colors can represent. Black can symbolize finality and closure, which is significant. A New Years Eve party is a very dual experience in that it has us reflecting on the year that is ending while embracing our hopes and desires for what comes in the New Year. So where as black captures the end of the year, the Gold is there to illuminate our hearts to the prosperous future that awaits us. And that’s of course just on a symbolic front. In terms of aesthetic, black and gold have been wonderfully complementing each other for quite some time.


  • Time Balloons


Yes. What you’re thinking is exactly what we’re talking about. Time Balloons are just that – balloons with a clock printed with the arrows pointing at 11H30. It’s a cute little touch to any NYE party, and it’s something to grasp onto when the final countdown comes up. It’d be silly to have balloons that have the wrong time on them, right? So the idea is that once the clock strikes midnight, you and everyone else will pop their balloons simultaneously to mark the debut of the year. And of course, you should be drowning yourself in champagne as soon as the year begins. Setting the tone early is very important, after all.


  • Resolution Exchange


This was an experimental idea that was done at one of our parties in previous years. One of the guests who was involved with organizing the event for their company had put into place this resolution exchange activity. Everyone writes their set of resolutions and puts them in a huge basket. One person picks from the basket and reads out loud the resolutions. The group has to then figure out who came up with the resolutions and once that person is figured out, they have to pick from the container as well. It sounds very simplistic, but it’s actually very endearing and personal. We all have resolutions, but we often just keep it to ourselves. Having it expressed and acknowledged in such a fashion is not only fun, but also very profound in the likelihood of you meeting those resolutions. We definitely recommend this one!


New Years Eve is a wonderful time no matter what year. But we’re particularly excited for NYE Montreal 2017. We’d like to think you are too. If you want to do it big, get in touch with us and get more information on our NYE Montreal 2017 Party!

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